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Environmental Compliance 

Vac Recovery, Filtration And Recycling Systems

Designed By Experience

Hot And Mighty is the industry leader in mobile wash water recovery and filtration equipment. We design and build each mobile cleaning and filtration package based on your operational needs. With over 45 years of industrial cleaning experience we know what it takes to keep your crews operating all day. Recovery vacuum options for single or dual operators from up to 400 feet from the equipment. Standard wash water filtration capabilities to under 20 micron at 20 gpm. 


We provide only top quality equipment and components and build complete systems designed by experience.


  • Single or Dual Operator Setups 250 CFM or 450 CFM Power 

  •  200' to  400' Reach

The first step in any filtration program is the ability to recover your wash water. We have the best industrial duty, gas powered vacuum units in the the market.  Both single & dual operators packages are available.


  • Pre-Filter Tanks

  • Oil Water Solids Separation

  • Multimedia, Carbon Filtration

  • Flocculation Systems 

The filtration process for your wash water can be geared specifically for your line of work. Packages are built suitable for wash and discharge or wash and recycle applications.


  • Up to 20 GPM Flow Rates

  • Filtration To 20 Micron

  • Sewer Discharge Systems

  • Water Recycling Systems

Remove contaminants to under 20 microns making it acceptable for reuse through your pumping system.


Our equipment is designed for ease of use, longevity of filter media and all day operation.


The Way You Work

  • All of our pressure washer trailer packages can be made to order.

  • From extra water storage and cages to tool boxes and ladder racks we have accessories needed to make your on the go business work. 

  • Ask about our surface cleaners, water recovery and filtration equipment options.

Vac Recovery, Filtration And Recycling Systems

Built For You

Serving Clients For Over 45 Years

Construction Portrait
"Fantastic customer experience. From purchase to training and through delivery - exceeded expectations!"



Built To Order

We stock a limited amount of ready to ship units. All of our systems are built to order. Call or text 574-233-9111 to discuss our many build options. 






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