We know investing in new capital equipment is stressful. Picking the right equipment for your business from a trusted manufacturer should be your greatest concern. With over 30 years as industrial cleaning contrators and equipment suppliers we know cleaning because we live it. Here are a few pointers to selecting the proper pressure washer equipment to meet your needs.

Flow vs Pressure

When it comes to determining the GPM or PSI needed for your new pressure washer there are few questions you should ask yourself. Do I need more flow for flushing or pressure for striping and breaking dirt and grease apart? The typical washer we sell is either 6 GPM or 8 GPM. Both types of water flow can offer the ability to be operated as dual operator systems at 3 GPM or 4 GPM per user, respectively.

Most surface cleaner require require a minimum GPM to operate properly. For example to operate on of our Mosmatic 21″ surface cleaner you require 4 GPM of water flow. So if you are planning on performing  a lot of concrete cleaning and want the option to run tow seperate  surface cleaners off of one pressure washer unit you will need an 8 GPM machine.

Our typical 6 GPM machine runs at 3,500 PSI compared to 3,000 for the 8 GPM machine. These pressures stay the same even if you split the flow between two users. We offer washer with 6,000 PSI and beyond. We can help you determine what pressure standards meet your requirements.

Our pressure washing equipment comes with deluxe variable pressure wands standard. This allows the operator to change pressure right at the wand. At the end of those wands we use stainless steel swivels. This allows your arms easy maneuverability while dragging hundreds of feet of hose around. The stainless steel swivels last longer than traditional brass swivels you will find on inferior products.

Cold Water vs Hot Water Systems

Cold water pressure washer systems are efficient for cleaning and flushing dirty surfaces, removing mold and mild dew from patios and prepping large dirty facilities before paint where grease and oils are not present. These washers become more efficient when used with proper cleaning detergents and solutions.

A hot water pressure washer unit can cut your cleaning time in half by loosening dirt, gum and cutting into grease and oil to easily remove them from your cleaning surfaces. This reduces labor costs and reduces the amount of chemical needed to clean any particular job by cutting cleaning time almost in half. Some have said that the addition of a hot water pressure washer has reduced the cost of labor on a 9 to 1 ratio. Meaning that every dollor you spend on heat and chemical to speed up your cleaning process you are potentially saving nine dollars in labor cost reduction and time savings.

12v Burner System vs Generator

You hot water pressure washer essentially contains two power sources your motor and pump to create the pressurized water and your burner and coil system to heat the water. If you have a gas or diesel engine that powers your pump, you still need electricity to power the burner and coil unit. A 12v burner system draws its power from the units battery. Even though the system engine recharges the battery more often than not the diodes do not generate enough amperage to keep up with the burner demands. As a result users fan motors slow down clogging coil systems due to insufficient air flow. Other factors effect negatively on the recharge of the engine diodes and thus these systems are seen as less reliable.

While a 115 or 120 volt generator system can produces 10x the voltage required to run an efficient burner system. Thus making the generator operated burner system 10 times more reliable. You will notice inexpensive or value washers have 12v burner systems while the larger industrial cleaning systems operate off of a 115 or 120v generator system. One added bonus to the generator system is that some of the washers offer GFCI protected outlets to power lights and small tools right off the washer platform.

Service And Warranty

We want to make sure you are completely happy with your purchase and honor all manufacturer warranty items sold to our customers. If you purchased equipment that needs service we work to find an authorized dealer located in your area. We have online training and maintenance video for our handy customers who would rather work on their units themselves.

Experience Is Key

We have customers all over the world. From reclamation and recycling systems in Melbourne, Australia, the oil field cleaning package with cold weather heating system in Alberta, Canada to our local partners in South Bend, Indiana performing residential cleaning we strive to make our experience count and match you with quality cleaning equipment that is built to last. We know cleaning. We live it.