Hot And Mighty has experience working in all types of residential, commercial, industrial industries. From steel mills to manufacturing facility clean-ups. We have been serving northwestern Indiana, southwestern Michigan and the greater Chicago region as industrial cleaning contractors since 1975. We know cleaning, because we live it.

We have the experience to recommend a complete pressure washing package that exceeds your needs. We can custom build a trailer pressure washer package for your or build a system based off of one of our previous builds. Our hot water high pressure cleaning equipment is designed for the toughest work environment. We supply single or dual operator systems. With extra large water storage capacity to keep your operation running when water supply is scarce.

We build powerful wash water recovery vacuums that can operate two operators at over 200 feet each. That recovered water can be processed and treated for discharge in your sanitary sewer system or filtered through our 20 GPM, 20 micron recycling system for reuse.

We make custom cleaning equipment. From extra large recovery surface cleaners to oil field rig mat cleaning platforms. If you identify a problem let us be part of the solution. We would love to her from you.